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In order to better explain the advantages of using, inside your daily routine, of the Arachno technology we prepared a series of tutorial cards. Moving to the easier application thought more sophisticated uses, in each card a stepwise pathway will guide to assemble the apparatus as well as to all the tricks involved in running the specific experiment.

List of tutorial cards for free download (.pdf)

ATC#1  Assembling a six 50 mL reactors platform pdf-mini
ATC#2  Working under inert atmosphere  pdf-mini
ATC#3  Personalize each reactor depending from the chemistry requirement pdf-mini
ATC#4  Heating mixtures (solvent b.p. >100) pdf-mini
ATC#5  Heating mixtures (low b.p. solvents) pdf-mini
ATC#6  Experiments involving large volumes of solvents pdf-mini
ATC#7  Performing a catalytic hydrogenation pdf-mini
ATC#8  Using Arachno as a parallel evaporation pdf-mini